Inflatable Thundercats

I didn’t realise how much fun one of these thundercats would be, until I kept one at my jetty for a few months. Thundercats are a fast boat, and loads of fun. These boats will do close to 20 knots with a 6HP, and the bigger boats over 40 knots with a 50HP.  Just some benefits of a thundercat – They are really fast, easy to maintain, take minutes to wash, safe multi chamber inflatable hull technology, and they don’t break the bank. Being light weight, they are easy to tow, and launch. They are light also on fuel, and fun for kids. Thundercats are great fun on the water for just having a blast, towing boards and tubes, wave jumping, getting to the surf, or even ferrying to and from a launch. What is not to like. You can’t help but drive a RAD Thundercat with a smile on your face! Check out some of the videos on our YouTube Channel.

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